Who Or What Is Reggae Gear?

Reggae Gear is an Urban Revolution, inspired by Universal love and the passion to unite our Human experience with Colour, Love and Good Vibrations.


Reggae Gear is an online fashion store with only the IRIEST of fashion and accessories available at a price that Is affordable to all. Getting you all Geared up and looking closer to the Rainbow version of yourself.

420 friendly – smoking accessories (strictly no Under 18s) in an ever-changing world Reggae Gear embraces the Humble Herb as a teacher and in doing so would like provide quality smoking accessories to our Customers ensuring that whatever you do, you do it in style!

In addition to bringing all the love Reggae Gear wants to uplift our Country through skill sharing and any form of collaboration that will bear fruit to our fellow man. We support local businesses as well as arts and craft and in doing so has partnered with the local community of skilled craftsmen bringing you their labours of love to your wardrobe. Check out the Rastas Corner for more information on the Irie Collaboration and all updates, workshops, events and happenings around South Africa.

Proudly South African business that supports Local Business, Talent and the Community, If you have a product that you that is inline with the Reggae theme please don’t hesitate to contact the Reggae Gear Team.


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